UMYF – United Methodist Youth Fellowship

MCTV Studios has wrapped up its filming this season of the Bold and the Bible with the season finale shown in December. The studio is in the process of creating a new show that promises to be even more exciting. A promo of this program was presented in worship service on December 30.

On October 28th, the youth enjoyed their All Hallow’s Eve Party complete with treats and pumpkin carving. The group also had a chance to listen to their youth leader’s story about his walk with the Lord while battling cancer at a young age. He gives God the credit to his miraculous healing. The youth would like to thank all contributions of pumpkins, treats, and time from the congregation to make their party a success.

November 11th the UMYF paper-mached pumpkins and gourds to contribute as decorations for the Harvest Dinner, held on November 17th. They would like to thank Jay Hine for his donations that made the project possible. As a service ministry, the UMYF assisted with the church Harvest Dinner.

In December the UMYF participated in decorating the church for the Christmas season and joined together December 16 for the annual youth group party.

The UMYF would like to thank its church family for all the support for its programs and activities.

If you have questions or would like more information about youth programs, contact the church office at 317-894-8965.